About the College

As an EDTP SETA accredited and Department of Education South Africa affiliated institution, we offer a comprehensive teaching degree program that meets the highest standards of quality and excellence. Our program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of early childhood development, from NQF Level 4 to NQF Level 5.
At our institution, we believe that early childhood development is a critical stage in a child’s life, and that skilled and dedicated educators play a vital role in shaping their future. Our teaching degree program is tailored to provide students with a deep understanding of child development, learning theories, and effective teaching methods.
Our NQF Level 4 program focuses on the foundation phase, covering ages 0-9. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of child development, learning strategies, and classroom management techniques. They will also develop essential skills in planning, implementation, and assessment, preparing them for a successful career in early childhood education.
Our NQF Level 5 program builds on the foundation phase, delving deeper into specialized areas such as curriculum planning, child assessment, and educational leadership. Students will develop advanced skills in research, critical thinking, and problem-solving, enabling them to take on leadership roles or pursue further studies.
Our experienced faculty, comprised of seasoned educators and industry experts, provides personalized guidance and support throughout the program. Our small class sizes ensure that students receive individualized attention, fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.
The College is also an affiliated member of The International Nanny Association with training aligned to the INA’s international standards.
The College has been awarded a B-BBEE Exemption Certificate with B-BBEE Procurement level: 4 and Contribution Level: 100%.

The Professional Child Care College has been in Melville since its inception and has relocated to 6A Goldman Street Florida, these premises are of professional standards and hold a very homely feel. Above all it is close to all taxi and bus routes with safe parking. The college plans to expand further into communities where there is a high demand for childcare services.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and resources provide students with a conducive learning environment, equipped with the latest technology and educational tools. We also offer flexible study options, including part-time and distance learning, to accommodate diverse needs and schedules.
By choosing professional childcare college, students can expect:
– A comprehensive teaching degree program that meets industry standards
– Expert faculty guidance and support
– Small class sizes for personalized attention
– State-of-the-art facilities and resources
– Flexible study options
– A network of professionals and alumni in the education sector
Upon completion of our program, graduates can pursue rewarding careers in early childhood education, including:
– Preschool teachers
– Primary school teachers
– Education coordinators
– Childcare center managers
– Education consultants
At professional childcare college, we are committed to producing qualified, passionate, and dedicated educators who will make a positive impact on the lives of young children. Join us in shaping the future of education and empowering the next generation of leaders.
Contact us today to learn more about our teaching degree programs and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in early childhood education.
Graduates are in great demand and those with  Level 4 and 5 qualifications can register with the SA Council of Educators (SACE). This registration is required by all registered nursery schools.  Our students are found wherever there are children.
Some are employed in private homes creating a nurturing safe environment while parents are pursuing their careers.

Others are working in a variety of child care facilities from top of the range nursery schools to informal container crèches in areas like Orange Farm.
We are excited to say that many of our graduates have opened their own child care facilities and offer quality child care in markets where child care services were not previously available.