Courses for 2023

Basic Child Care Course: Level 4 Module 1 To provide the learner with the knowledge and skills to work as a professional nanny / au-pair with a family and/or as an educator for children aged 0-3 years in a crèche or playgroup.
Pre-School Course: Level 4 Module 2 To extend the Basic Child Care Course and to equip learners to work in a nursery school with children aged 3-6 years. To qualify learners at NQF Level 4 to teach. To promote individual and personal growth of each learner. To develop skills and knowledge regarding communication with parents and children.
Higher certificate in ECD Level 5 This Certificate is designed to provide higher education for experienced and skilled ECD practitioners.
It will enable ECD practitioners to use and create a holistic and integrated learning programme.
This course will give insight and understanding into inclusive education and the ability to enable participation of learners experiencing barriers to learning and development.
This will empower the learner to have a good understanding of the National Curriculum Framework and how it follows into the CAPS programme.
Barriers to Learning Course (Special Needs) Demonstrate how learning programmes can enhance the participation of learners with special needs.